Sunday, 28th August 2011

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Start: Sunday, 28th August 2011 @ 17:30
End: Monday, 30th November -0001
Where: Guildford, Surrey
Organiser: Colton Wulfpaws
Surreyfurs Furry Night Out

At 5.30PM on Sunday 28th August 2011, We will convene at Guildford Railway Station. Again, a central point so people can meet in the same place.

We will leave at 5.50PM to head to our chosen venue, Nandos.

Because this is a night out, I would like to recommend a little bit of a dress code of 'smart/casual' for this. I am not enforcing it, so if you cannot do it, then come as you can. I won't be all "Oh I am sending you home 'cos you are not in xyz clothing".

The only rules are:

*No furry 'accessories', like tails, collars, ears, etc. T-shirts are good if you cannot do smart/casual.

*No alcohol for anybody under 18. I don't want us getting a bad reputation before we start. If you are over 18, make sure you have relevant ID, just in case.

*You pay for your own meal. I may be able to help one or two people who genuinely cannot afford it, but you will have to see me before Saturday 27th to organise it.

Also if you can let me know via IM, DM or post reply if you can or cannot make it, because if there is enough interest, I will book a table to be on the safe side. :)
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