Saturday, 8th August 2015

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Start: Saturday, 8th August 2015 @ 13:00
End: Monday, 30th November -0001
Where: Bassett Green, Daisy Dip, Basketball Courts Side
Organiser: Marshall Shining (D3 Unregistered Group)
Info: Email:
A simple, calm meet up, for furs aged 14 and up, (However most furs are 16+), Fursuits are discouraged for this meet, and accessories such as Handcuffs and the like are also discouraged, however (non-over-the-top) Collars are accepted, and so are accessories like fluffy Paws and ears, the meet will have the option to travel down to the Mansbridge Woods, for some wood exploration (Though it seems boring, it helps you keep in touch with your inner animal), Intimacy is to be kept to a minimum of cuddling, light scritching and at most, nuzzling, but don't make it questionable for the non-furs, ConBadges are encouraged, and general Identification would be appreciated (Military/Non-Military Dog tags are accepted), Please refer to the Furmeets rules of conduct for further Conduct information, If You require information on how to get to the location via bus, car or on foot, do not be afraid to email me at
Please enjoy the meet and remember we're here to make a good impression (If weather turns bad, then there is no proven back up, other than get under a tree, or make your way home, or be a brave fur and bring a jacket :P) [Ignore the indication of any houses on the map, the area of green field below the indicated house(s) is our meet point, make sure you are identifiable as Meet-goers, thank you]
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